Internet Banking. Designed for now.

We partnered with Bendigo Bank to design and develop a modern Internet Banking platform. This is the result.

Ferocia loves Bendigo Bank
See the app in action.

A payment process that’s fast because it’s easy.

Move Money is a streamlined process for BPAY, Pay Anyone and Transfers.

  1. 1

    Choose who you
    need to pay.

  2. 2

    Enter the minimum
    required info.

  3. 3

    Check the details
    are correct.

  4. 4

    Done. Here’s
    your receipt.

A couple of implementation details (if you’re into that kind of thing).

  • Payments can be initiated from either the Move Money landing page, or contextually from throughout the app.

  • All the data needed to make a payment is loaded up-front, so each step in the process loads instantly. We only hit the server again to process the payment.

  • Touch friendly radio groups minimise down to a single selection to highlight what has been selected and remove superfluous noise.

  • Infrequently used accounts are hidden behind a Show More Accounts button and the app will auto-select an account if it’s the only valid option.

Your accounts never looked better.

  • Checking an account balance shouldn’t feel like opening a spreadsheet.

    Customised for a range of account types, our animated visualisations provide customers with at-a-glance insight into the recent activity and current position of their accounts.

    For example, customers can quickly check whether their salary has been paid or the remaining time on a term deposit without needing to navigate complex menus.

A transaction view made for humans.

  • Say goodbye to cryptic, all-caps transaction listings. The Activity Feed presents a simple, readable overview of a customer’s banking activity in a single place.

    Icons visually distinguish transaction types, with logos and trading names provided for supported merchants.

  • The Activity Feed further simplifies online banking by reducing transfers between accounts into a single entry, combining fees with ATM withdrawals where applicable, and neatly summarising each month’s activity.

Available today for iOS & Android with a Bendigo Bank account.

Try the demo without a Bendigo Bank account in your browser, or download the app and tap Launch Banking Demo — you can find it in the menu on the login screen.